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Ahhhh, the benefits of a regular, deeply relaxing massage are many!  Massage can have the effect of improving your overall well-being, relieving minor injuries, and be used as preventative maintenance against physical and mental stress and tension.

Are you aware that the emotions caused from anger, stress and tension can be stored in your muscles, mainly through your back, neck and shoulder area?! Have you often wondered why you end up with a stiff neck, tension headaches or are tight through the shoulders at the end of the day?

A deeply relaxing massage can actually help to alleviate these problems, and regular massage can also assist in the prevention of the stiff neck, tight shoulders, or tension headaches!

Let me run through the "onion scenario" with you.  Your body is like an onion, made up of layers; skin, muscle, tissue, nerves, etc. When stress or emotions are triggered through our nervous system, they often leave a residue behind in our bodies.  Similar to a physical workout creating a buildup of lactic acid. Under a Massage Therapist's hands, these normally pliable and spongy muscles can often feel hard, like rock, or have areas of knots (hard, cross-grained mass of fibers).  When left untreated, this dis-harmony can lead into deeper, more painful symptoms.  I like to think of this as our body screaming at us for help!

At this chronic stage, a deeply relaxing massage not only helps the body to relax on the physical level, but also allows the mind to have a break from the stresses of life.  When the body is relaxed, it makes it easier for the therapist to treat the areas of tension.

It may take 2-3 sessions for your chronic symptoms to dissipate, and of course by then your body is feeling so much better (compared to the original pain) that you stop having your massage sessions.  Why?  Any symptoms you are now feeling are tolerable!  Society teaches us not to cry when it hurts, to just get on with it.  Suffering any pain - learn to live with it! We are way too hard on ourselves, physically and emotionally.

When our body is in harmony - we should feel no pain, there should be no dis-ease.  And YES, each and every one of us can experience this freedom. Remember the onion.  After the first couple of massage sessions, we have only removed a couple of layers of that deep seated stress and tension.  This is where the "regular massage" can assist you to reach total harmony.  As you return for your subsequent sessions, you will feel the massage in different areas, through different muscles, beginning to remove all traces of stress and tension, preventing the build-up of rock-like muscles or knots.

Does all this sound like a worth-while effort?  To be tension-free, and to feel 'able' in your own skin.  But I hear you say: "I don't seem to find the time, or money".

Do you take the time and money to sit and have a Starbucks?  Do you make time to have your hair or nails done?  Do you make time to have a "drink" with the boys/girls?  Do you spend money daily on take-out food, alcohol or cigarettes?

Why not make the time?  Massage is no longer a luxury - in this day and age, it is a necessity!  Think of this as Health Care Maintenance…(Far cheaper than monthly healthcare premiums)!

Simply, experiment and find a style of massage that you enjoy and that you receive benefits from.  You may go through a few massage therapists, but this is no different than finding a hairdresser that cuts your hair the way you like it… Talk to others about their opinions and get a referral from a friend or colleague.

Massage can be very enjoyable as well as therapeutic.  It relieves stress and tension, and can help to clear your mind and get you thinking with renewed enthusiasm.  Even for emotional turmoil, massage combined with Essential Oils can be of great benefit, to help balance the emotions.  Massage is for everybody, young and old, male and female.  Also, don't be afraid to make suggestions to your massage therapist, because essentially - it is all about YOU!

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