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"Dawna is a generous masseuse.  What others charge extra for, she includes in her regular sessions.  Her Reiki sessions are unhurried and receptive.  It's in the pauses she incorporates that energy is liberated and aligned.  I've had other massages through the years by various practitioners and hers is the only one where I've entered a lucid dream state!"  Matthew

"As a Massage Practitioner for the past 30+ years, I've learned there is much more than technique to offering a great massage treatment.  It requires intuition, and focus by a skilled professional to address one's individual needs and these are the qualities offered by Dawna Lord."  Eric

"It is so refreshing to engage on a one-on-one relationship with a wellness / care professional like Dawna.  I have been looking for a personalized treatment that I can have an active part in.  Massage is that.  It is a time of relaxation and awareness of my own body.  She is one who listens and truly enjoys caring for her clients.  Thank you Dawna for the love and passion you express through your healing hands."  Joanna

"Reiki and massage brought me to this amazing and wonderful energy healer.  With numerous health issues, she has targeted and relieved the intense pain I have had.   I feel so blessed to have found her and have her in my life.  For the last 8 years, every visit I have had with her, has helped put me back on my feet.  She goes above and beyond to make sure she gets to the root of the problem.  I can't even imagine going to anyone else."  Joy K. - (Reiki Master)

"It is a little hard for me to fully describe the quality of experience that Dawna brings to massage.  I do believe the greatest attribute Dawna brings to my massage experience is Care.  She really cares about me, my health and happiness, and my massage.  Her technique is absolutely wonderful; she skillfully applies several different types of massage.  I think Dawna combines her technical skill and knowledge with intuitive care to bring forth a truly healing, inspiring, relaxing experience."  Cindy

"Just wanted to let you know that I woke up virtually pain free!  Thank you!!!"  Michelle
 "I woke up and could hardly turn my head as my neck hurt so much, making driving difficult.  Luckily it was the morning of my regularly scheduled massage appointment.  You're a miracle worker!  You're fantastic Dawna - Thanks...feeling much better."  Rita
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